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Enjoy the magic of Lapland on horseback

Enjoy the magic of Lapland, find peace of mind, and feel the powerful movements of a horse when walking in Pyhäjärvi forests and mountains. Be it summer or winter!

In the beginning, we will prepare horses together in the stable and then will go to our riding area where we will go through the safety instructions. Afterward, we are ready to begin our horseback riding adventure and enjoying pure nature!

After the tour, we take care of the horses and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Meet our four-legged friends

Fiftys Royal Bars
Roy is an excellent teacher. He is always aware what he is doing and ignores the rider if he tryes to take him out of balance. But when the rider is relaxed and has a confidence with Roy he is the most divine quarterhorse to ride.
Gino & Tanka
Gino is welsh gorgi pembroke and he is a real herder. Very cleaver and sweet dog who thinks that has a very important mission to do at the ranch, and so he does. Nobody arrives without him noticing.

Tanka is australian cattle dog and she is Anu's working buddy. Very active and playfull dog and always aware of everything.