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LuckyRanch is Providing experiences as a way of life

Over the years we have discovered and developed a passion for providing Finnish Lapland accommodation and experience services to guests from all over the world. For us, you are more a guest than a client in the traditional sense. We are a family business, for whom the customer is as much a loved one enjoying experiences as we are ourselves.

It all started when we temporarily moved to the Pyhä to work in customer service for accommodation providers. We came temporarily, but soon settled in and put down roots here.

It all started with Anu’s hobby of western horses. When we finally found a place with room for our horse hobby, there was room to share with others. Pretty soon we decided to start renting out the downstairs of the house to tourists. In the same way that we had rented out local facilities ourselves when we travelled around the world. At the same time, we offer the opportunity to learn about our own culture. In the same way that we ourselves learn about the culture of other countries through family accommodation and services.

Demand for our services began to grow strongly. Our experiential services grew in line with people’s wishes. Soon we bought more horses and we needed more accommodation. We soon expanded into restaurant services, which also allowed us to expand our range of accommodation, as well as exotic and more traditional sauna services in the middle of Finnish nature.

Today, we are able to offer homely accommodation and countless experiences for you and many others around the world. Over the years we have had guests from over 30 countries.

Antti’s passion for the outdoors has created an excellent basis for providing a service that is specifically designed to be exceptionally close to nature in a pure natural environment.

As our newest service, we can also offer you a tremendous experience of staying in snow igloos that we build every winter. At its best under a sky lit by the Northern Lights.

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Anu Lampinen

Phone: +358 (0)50 355 0744

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Antti Keskitalo

Phone: +358 (0)40 754 0683